Your recycling and waste service is changing. Some residents in the area will be receiving new bins over the next few weeks. Those residents will receive a leaflet 2 weeks before the bins arrive.  
Some residents are not yet due to change. If you do not receive a leaflet and some of your neighbours and friends do, it means that you will be changed later on in the changeover schedule.  
All properties will be changed over by the end of the year. 
In line with CW&C new Waste Management Strategy, the current free garden waste collection service will end on Friday, 3 December 2021. 
From 2022, garden waste collections will become a chargeable service. Residents will therefore need to subscribe and pay for all their garden bins to be emptied by CW&C 
The new service will provide fortnightly collections over 40 weeks of the year with a suspension outside of growing season of 12 weeks (December to February). 
The service will cost £40 per year per bin that is collected and there will be no limit to the number of garden bins that residents can subscribe for. 
What to do with current garden waste bins 
To help collection crews to manage the transition to the new service CW&C are asking residents to keep hold of their garden waste bins for the time being, regardless of if you want to subscribe to the new service or not. 
Once the transition period is over, we will put in place arrangements for residents to request removal of unwanted garden bins. 
The green bins would make excellent compost bins with a few simple self modifications. 
Please note that if you ask for your garden bin to be removed then subsequently decide to subscribe and need a new bin, there will be a redelivery charge of £21. 
How to subscribe to the new service 
Payments will be taken with a valid credit or debit card. Once you have paid there will be a 14 day period where you can change your mind and receive a full refund. Once this period has passed, CW&C will be unable to issue any refunds. 
You will receive your permit in the post with full instructions and information about the service. 
You will need to stick the permit to your bin and present your bin for fortnightly collection - see your calendar to find out your collection day. 
To keep the application and permitting simple, and ensure you receive a full year of collections, the best time to sign up for the new service is between December and February each year before the collections start. 
Link to CWAC website regarding the collection of green bins  
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