CLOSURE OF PUMPHOUSE WOODS, Cheshire Wildlife Trust; 
Pumphouse wood (owned by Cheshire Wildlife Trust (CWT)) extends from Barnton School playing fields to Hough Lane and has a high percentage of ash tree coverage. 
Unfortunately these trees have succumbed to Ash Dieback Disease meaning they are a safety risk. 
We have a duty of care that our trees do not cause harm or damage to people or property and so will be taking action to reduce the risk. 
We cannot simply remove all ash trees as this will cause any remaining trees to fail. 
Therefore we have taken the difficult decision to fell and harvest the majority of the woodland 
This will require a felling license from Forestry England and Tree Preservation Order consent from CWaC. 
This process is likely to take several months which then leads us into bird nesting season at which time we will not be undertaking work and so the main harvesting will take place from September 2024 onwards. 
There will then be restocking and planting of new trees to re-establish the woodland. 
Whilst we will not be closing the footpath through the woodland we will be putting up signage to deter people and educate them on the risk and what we plan to do going forward. 
The work required in the woodland will be drastic and re-shape the landscape 
Felling and restoring woodlands in this way is fairly regular practise across the country however urban setting pose extra challenges which will present opportunities for engagement with the local public and schools. 
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